Bakery Portfolio

Savannah can provide your business with a number of innovative ingredient solutions for your baked goods. Our specialty range of bakery Ingredients can add value, improve quality and deliver clean label and cost savings to your business.

Savannah has a wide range of ingredients that we believe make us the ideal partner for your future market successes.

Our extensive range of bakery ingredients include:

• Dough Conditioners

• Egg & Milk Replacement Solutions

• Emulsifier & Stabilizer systems

• Enzyme Systems

• Fibres - apple, cellulose, oat, wheat

• Flavour systems - bake stable

• Flour improvers

• Functional Flours

• Inclusions - chocolate, nougat, caramel pieces

• Natural antioxidants and Natural preservative systems

• Natural Colours & Extracts

• Organically certified options

• Starches - modified potato, tapioca

• Sodium Reduction solutions

• Sourdough powders

• Spray Dried & Extruded Systems

• Starter Dough’s & Natural Improver Systems

• Sweeteners - Intense & Natural options

• Vitamin & Mineral Pre-Mixes

• Vegetable Gums - comprehensive range

For further information regarding any of these ingredients, or if you have a specific enquiry for other ingredients not listed, please contact us on and one of our experienced representatives will be in contact with you promptly

‘our ingredients make the difference’