Savoury & Fine Foods

‘our ingredients make the difference’

The savoury market continues to innovate through a combination of flavours, textures & healthy functional ingredients. The demand for ethnic and authentic cuisine is a strong driver. In addition to changing lifestyle demands driving innovation in the savoury foods sector, clean label and/or natural are also key drivers. Health concerns continue to drive development of highly functional food ingredients.


Savannah offers a wide range of ingredients to capitalize on these growth trends, as we have extensive experience in a variety of replacer systems, mouth-feel enhancement systems, HVP’s, and thermal process flavor systems. Other ingredients targeted to the savoury market include a range of herbs, oleo resins, stabilizing systems, emulsifiers and fibers.

  •  Proteins – Beef, Chicken and Porcine
  •  Fibres
  •  Flavours
  •  HVP’s – acid and enzyme hydrolysed
  •  Vegetable Gums and Stabilizers
  •  I+G ribo-nucleotide flavour enhancers
  •  Natural Extracts
  •  Natural Preservative Systems
  •  Natural Spray Dried Foods – Hot Sauces, Dressings, Vinegar Powders, etc.
  •  Sodium Reduction Solutions
  •  Soy sauce – powder and liquid
  •  Sweeteners, full range – including spray dried honey and molasses powders
  •  Tomato Powders
  •  Yeast Extracts – Bakers, Brewers and Torula.

For further information regarding any of these ingredients, or if you have a specific enquiry for other ingredients not listed, please contact us on [email protected] and one of our experienced representatives will be in contact with you promptly.

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